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For all that unites us, let's make Demoria great again. Because we deserve a better country.

Demoria needs people like you. Help us create a better, brighter Demoria. 

Best Regards, Anais Tait



Progress, Prosperity, Partnership

"As our country faces a time of great opportunity and development, I’m launching my manifesto for Demoria's future. A manifesto to see us through any hard times and beyond. A plan for a future of progress, prosperity, and partnership."

Anais Tait, President of Demoria 



We will build at least a hundred new free schools a year, with local councils now prevented from creating new places at schools rated inadequately or in need of improvement.

Social Care

We will protect our elderly, and so pensioners will stop paying for their own care once their savings and assets are down to $100,000.


There will be no increase in the level of sales tax and we aim to reduce the income tax steadily over the next five years.


Pensions will rise in line with earnings or inflation, whichever is highest.


We aim to reduce annual net migration from the Ventura nations and to keep international students included in immigration statistics.


We aim to privatise some of our healthcare facilities, ensuring that our citizens do not pay higher rates of tax for a public service, but can afford to use our healthcare facilities only when they are required.


We pledge to increase spending within the armed forces, ensuring stable growth and building a dependable and strong military. 

We will ensure a strong, devoted, and passionate government, who will lead Demoria into a more stable and prosperous future.

We will ensure a more advantageous life, income equality, and social mobility for our citizens, and the fair treatment of all.

This manifesto, Our Plan for a Prosperous Demoria, will meet the great challenges of our time.

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