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our manifesto

our plan to create change 

our key policies

Reduce student tuition fees
Nationalisation of Demoria's water and gas companies.
Introduce an increased rate of income tax on the highest earners
Introduce more free childcare, expanding free provisions for children under five
Abolish zero hours contracts
Hire 10,000 new police officers, 3,000 new firefighters
Rail nationalisation


Boost wages of people earning less than minimum wage over the next three years
Create a Demoria Transformation Fund that will invest over the next 10 years in upgrading the economy
Deliver universal superfast broadband to all of Demoria 
A National Bank as part of a plan to provide lending power 
Reinstate a lower small-business tax rate


Build over 250,000 more homes, with at least half with government subsidised rent
Homeowners to be offered interest free loans to improve their properties
Give locals buying their first home "first dibs on new homes built in their area"
Ban letting agency fees for tenants
Giving the Governor of Samrikost power to give Samrikost renters "additional security"
Make 4,000 additional homes available for rough sleepers to end homelessness.

workers rights

An end to zero-hours contracts to guarantee workers a "number of hours each week"
Introduce four extra public holidays each year
Raise minimum wage to a living wage within 2 years
Ban unpaid internships
Extend rights of employees to all workers, including shared parental pay
Guarantee trade unions a right to access workplaces
Enforce all workers' rights to trade union representation at work
End employment tribunal fees, so that people have access to justice
Give all workers equal rights from day one, regardless of employment status
Introduce a bill so the law assumes a worker is an employee unless the employer can prove differently


Deliver safe staffing levels and reduce waiting lists
Guaranteeing access to treatment within 18 weeks
Healthcare will receive more than extra funding over the next 5 years
Mental health budgets will be guarenteed, and Worker's Party will ensure all children in secondary schools have access to a counselling service.

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