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about us 

we've been fighting for a better, fairer Demoria for over 100 years. discover our rich history.

The Worker's Party has always been about people. 

We strive to give ordinary people a voice. The fruits of the Worker's Party work have changed Demoria for the better, through the most progressive governments in our country’s history.

The Worker's Party was created to be a new party for a new time. Its formation was the result of many years of struggle by working class people, united by the goal of working class voices represented in Demorian politics.

Whilst we've been making progress over the years, we need your help to get back into power. The people of Demoria deserve a government fighting for them, not for the 1%. Read on to find out how you can help us make a difference. 

Contact Us

If you're interested in volunteering with us, provide us with some details below. We cant wait to meet you. 

John Clarke

"Volunteering with Demoria Worker's Party made me realise how important every person is in the fight for a better Demoria"

Karin Miller

"There's nothing better than feeling like you've made a difference." 

Matthew Reeves

"The Demoria Worker's Party needs us to make a change. If you want a better Demoria, join us!"

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