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Sarah Connell, Governor of Samrikost

for the people, not the powerful 

It is my honour to serve as the Governor of Samrikost, as I have for the last two years. I pledge to prioritise the needs of the people over the needs of the powerful, and to serve with you in mind, always. 

Throughout my political career, I have always stood up for a country that delivers for the many not the few. Now, Worker's Party is leading a movement based on equality and compassion to build a Demoria we can all be proud of.

The Progressive Party government shows that they are the party of privilege. I’m proud that the Worker's Party, founded for and by working people, continues to stand up for them.

When we win elections, it is the people and not the powerful who win. The nurse, the teacher, the builder, the office worker, the student. Let's vote for them.

universal healthcare

I am a proud champion of universal healthcare. I believe it is a right, not a priviledge, to have access to medical facilities, regardless of financial circumstance.

increased minimum wage

I will be fighting for increased minimum wage, ensuring that no one working a full time job is struggling to make ends meet. Minimum wage should be a living wage. 

housing stability and accessability

Housing is becoming an increasing problem for people across Damoria, and I pledge to build more affordable houses, and to reduce rough sleeping. 

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