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Our party focuses on the quality of schooling across Demoria. We will make sure schools are properly resourced and funded, with no schools worse off than others, and addressing the historical underfunding of certain areas. 

We will drive up schooling standards across the country, encouraging strong leadership. We trust teachers and staff across the country to refocus their workload on what happens in the classroom, not in admin.

We will also ensure accountability, including controls to see that schools serve the public interest and their local communities. Admission policies across schools will enable councils to fulfil their responsibilities, and to simplify the admissions process. 

We will offer a wide choice of courses and qualifications, to ensure every child's needs are met. 

social security

We will guarentee security and dignity for older people in retirement. We will commission a new review of the pension age, to develop a flexible retirement policy.

We'll restore confidence in the workplace pension scheme and will end hidden fees. We will recentre people above profit. 

We will recognise the injustice faced by millions of women who had their pension changed without fair notification. 


We seek to build a society free from racism, anti-sematism, and islamophobia. We are committed to the progression of women's rights and freedoms, as well furthering the rights of LGBTQ communities and people with disabilities. 

Cuts to public services and social security are disproportionately affecting minorities, and we pledge to change that. 

We will not stop to improve the conditions for minorities in Demoria. 

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